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Fundraising with photos:    We are selling 5" x 7" photo cards utilizing photos taken by our club members, as a fund raiser for the club.. Photo cards are available in packs of 4 for $10 per pack. There are eight different variety packs from which to choose. In addition, there are single cards available for $2.50 each. They will be available at all of the Club’s fundraising events, as well as at the meetings
Fundraising - Plays at Oyster Mill Playhouse.  Our fundraiser at Oyster Mill Playhouse was Oliver (a musical) on Sunday, November 10. The house was SOLD OUT!!  
Our next play, “Barefoot in the Park”, has been rescheduled to Tuesday, August 25 at 7:30 pm. The cost of the play is $20.00 per person. New tickets will be issued.
Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds in every sense of the word. He’s a straight-as-an-arrow lawyer and she’s a free spirit always looking for the latest kick. Their new apartment is her most recent find, too expensive with bad plumbing and need of a paint job. After a six-day honeymoon, they get a surprise visit from Corie’s loopy mother and decide to play matchmaker during a dinner with their neighbor-in- the-attic, Velasco, where everything that can go wrong, does. Paul just doesn’t understand Corie, as she sees it. He’s too staid, too boring, and she just wants him to be a little spontaneous. Running “barefoot in the park” would be a start.
On Sunday, November 8, 2020, the fundraiser play will be "Into the Woods" at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $25.00 per person.

Christmas Project:  The Club adopted two families at Christmas for gift giving. The children got all of their wishes and a few extra surprises. This year the schools were Newberry and Red Mill.
Box Tops for Education:  Box tops are collected at each meeting to benefit a local elementary school.

Home Life:  Our October meeting program was presented by Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc.  We learned about how this group helps our veterans from anywhere in PA.  Their mission is to help restore wounded warriors to good physical, mental and emotional health.  

Educaton:   Members are to continue collect box tops and books for the WSSD summer traveling mobile. They will also take adult reading books. The scholarship application deadline is April 30. 

                            Conservation Projects
                            Red Land High and Fishing Creek Elementary Schools

                                Members of the Red Land Area Women's Club Conservation Committee weed and plant new flowers at the signs of the Red Land High School and Fishing Creek Elementary School as part of their spring beautification projects.   


                               Looking good!

                            Conservation - The RLAWC Conservation Committee began a new project in the fall of 2012 by landscaping and maintaining the land by the entrance signs for both the Fishing Creek Elementary and Red Land High Schools. 

                            Red Land High School Scholarships   

                            The Red Land Area Women's Club presented scholarships to members of the 2020 Red Land High School graduating class as follows: 

                            Scholarships ($1000 each):
                            • Allison Covert - Duquesne honors college for pharmacology
                            • Julianna Werner - Pitt Bioengineering to research advanced breakthroughs in medical field

                            Award recipients ($100 each):

                            • Alonna Reilly Valedictorian
                            • Jacob Cubbler Salutatorian
                            • Kaitlyn Messer Vo- Tech 

                                     Congratulations and best of luck to the Class of 2020!

                            2020 Arts Night

                            The 2020 Arts Night was held on Monday, March 16, at the Red Land High Community Library.  

                            A Big Thank You to Red Land High School students and RLAWC members for their participation!  Winners are as follows:  


                            Student Art:

                            Drawing:  1st – Madalyn Satzler (Family), 2nd – Lorelei Federline (Flowers), 3rd - Allison Covert (Picture Makes Perfect)

                            Painting:  1st – Kyla DeWittie (360), 2nd – Madeline Henney (Life, Death & Creation), 3rd – Jara Mumma (Droplets)

                            Student Photography:

                            Living Things Color:  1st – Grace Michelsen (Trapped in Love), 2nd – Ashley Snelbaker (Highland), 3rd – Madison Dicely (Orange Lit Face)

                            Living Things Black & White:  1st – Madison Dicely (Holding the Sun), 2nd – Ashley Snelbaker (Cooper)

                            Scenic Color: 1st – Ashley Snelbaker (Nature’s Food)

                            Scenic Black & White: 1st - Ashley Snelbaker (Loading Dock)


                            Member Art:

                            Painting:  1st - Marianna Wood (Earth Colors), 2nd – Kathie Hoke (Still Life)

                            Member Photography: 

                            Living Things Color:  1st – Lynn Sheffer (The Evil Tern), 2nd – Lois Musto (Fall Harvest), 3rd Karen Mamrak (Are you Looking at Me?)

                            Living Things Back & White:  1st – Lynn Sheffer (Myka), 2nd – Lois Musto (Watchful Waiting)

                            Scenic Color: 1st – Lynn Sheffer (Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge), 2nd – Lois Musto (Morning Magic)

                            Scenic Black & White:  1st – Lynn Sheffer (The Canal)

                            Local:  1st – Lynn Sheffer (TMI), 2nd – Lois Musto (Winter’s Contrast)

                                Congratulations to our winners!

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